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Safety Is What We Do and Who We Are

It’s why we are consistently ranked as the best construction management company in Vancouver. We are industry leaders in the prevention of workplace accidents, so when you need a a safe and reliable management team for your Vancouver project, you can feel confident in calling us.

Our safety record is above industry standards, and it is impeccable among construction management companies in Vancouver. Every team member is held accountable for maintaining safe work practices throughout each project, and we train every employee on how to take a vigilant, proactive approach to accident prevention.

Standard Safety Requirements

Our Everyday Routine

At Taranis, we consider all legislative health and safety regulations to be the bare minimum when it comes to our standard requirements.

To ensure the best and safest working conditions, we also do all of the following as a part of our everyday routine:

Train and educate employees on health and safety awareness protocols
Proactively minimize the risk of accidents by working with local health and safety professionals
Actively monitor workplace conditions so that corrective measures can be implemented immediately
Support the Joint Health and Safety Committees
Frequently evaluate the safety performance of all employees and subcontractors

In addition to all of these measures

We also deploy a team of health and safety coordinators to all our project sites. They work to ensure compliance with all corporate, local, provincial and federal workplace regulations so that every worker is safe.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Manager is affiliated with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. He is also certified under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. He has specific experience with safety measures for concrete formwork, demolition and heavy civil work.

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