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Unparalleled customer service & professional, reliable work.

With Taranis Construction, you get unparalleled customer service in addition to professional, reliable work that is always completed on schedule. We pride ourselves on being very hands-on throughout every aspect of the project.

What Makes Us Different?

Why Choose Taranis Construction?

Reason #1

Over 15 Years of Experience

Taranis Construction has been handling construction management in Vancouver since 2006. We bring extensive experience to the table, and we have been proudly servicing the Greater Vancouver Area for construction management projects of all sizes since we started.

Reason #2

Competitive Rates

Having been in the construction and renovation business for so long, we have established excellent long-term relationships with a large network of merchants and suppliers. These relationships translate directly into cost savings for our clients because we are able to get the best possible rates on high-quality supplies and reliable labour.

Reason #3

Hands on Experience

The competitive advantage that Taranis has, is that the owner was once wearing the tool belt himself. Not only is Vinny at all his sites, personally reviewing and monitoring the means and methods being tailored, but also has a keen eye to forecast pitfalls that can be avoided.

At Taranis, there is a strict policy of not hiding behind emails and voice messages. Every call and every question from clients and consultants gets answered and replied to in a timely manner.

Taranis will bring to the table the most competitive project build rates by leveraging over 15 years of trades and vendor relationship and experience.

Reason #4


At Taranis, we hold ourselves accountable for the sustainability and stewardship of both the community and the environment. We ensure that our projects in Vancouver always utilize green initiatives, and we do our best to minimize our carbon footprint.

Taranis Construction is a socially responsible and family-oriented comapny. We believe in fostering health and wellness for our employees as well as the community at large, and we are staunch supporters of numerous charitable organizations.

What We Offer

Our Process

In Construction Project Management, Taranis services the developer under a CCDC5A contract, which entails providing the following services to the developer:
  1. Project estimation using “For Tender” drawings to produce a Class C project budget.
  2. Project estimation using “For Construction” drawings to produce a Class B project budget.
  3. Liaising with the developer and the project QS to arrive at a Class A project budget.

Pre Construction:

  1. Setup Pre-Construction meetings with project consultants to discuss expectations, and schedule.
  2. Work with individual consultants to provide best field implementation techniques and cost savings.
  3. Setup Pre-Construction meetings with QS, CP, and City officials.
  4. Outline and advice clients on all ancillary city charges to be paid ie. Demo Permits, Street use Permits, etc.

During Construction ROI services:

  1. Provide quality control as work progress by pin pointing issues to trades and discussing fixes.
  2. Provide value engineering to Architect and Developer for cost saving purposes as project progress.

After budget approvals:

  1. Prepare all CCDC17 contract between developer and trades.
  2. Interview and select all project trades. Finalize budgets with a 3rd round of negotiations with vendors and lock in vendor pricing.
  3. Produce project schedule.
  4. Provide 70% of fixed price trade contracts to satisfy any lending institution.

During Construction:

  1. Work with Project Coordinator to establish bi-monthly schedules.
  2. Identify all milestones and critical paths.
  3. Provide all the construction process and sequencing to the project coordinator, and ensure both the project coordinator and the site superintendent are on the same page in our sequencing.
  4. Have weekly Site meetings with Site Suprintendant and project coordinator to establish progress.
  5. Provide solutions to all project critical paths.
  6. Have bi-monthly meetings with prime consultant.
  7. Generate all SDSs, RFIs and RFAs and follow ups.
  8. Provide and service all municipal requirements and requests.
  9. Provide trade payment application processing to the Payment Certifier.

Post Construction:

  1. Work with trades to provide all service manuals.
  2. Work with CP and city officials for occupancy certification.
  3. Coordinate with site superintendent for all occupancy related deficiency work.
  4. Do handover to developer.
  5. Get all contractual releases to concerned parties.

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