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The Best Renovation Contractors in Vancouver

Taranis Construction has built a reputation for being the best renovation contractors in Vancouver. However, we offer much more than renovations.

At Taranis, we specialize in taking a project from inception to completion. This means that we offer a comprehensive range of design, construction and renovation services for projects of any scope or scale.

We are proud to be one of the top picks for commercial renovations for Vancouver businesses, and we are frequently sought out for home renovations by Vancouver residents as well. We love what we do, and that is shown through every commercial and residential project that we complete. Our services leave a long-lasting positive mark on the community, and we appreciate every opportunity that we get to make a positive impact.

General Contracting

​​At Taranis Construction, we prefer to take a more traditional approach to the construction process. We like to make the bidding and contracting portion of the job as simple and streamlined as possible. When we combine this tried-and-true approach with a healthy schedule, it creates a situation that is low-stress and flexible for clients.

Construction Management

Some renovation contractors in Vancouver prefer to compartmentalize the construction process and minimize client involvement. At Taranis Construction, we believe in a more collaborative approach. We integrate the design development phase into our pre-construction phase, and this allows us to become intimately familiar with our client’s vision for the project from the very beginning.

Passive Housing

Starting in 2019, Taranis has started working on Passive Housing projects. 

From aiding in design, to final construction, we have taken a leadership role in this construction concept, and we are proud to offer such energy efficient construction concepts to the market. 

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